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The downtown area of Burlington was originally a land grant given to Joseph Brant by which king? How large was the grant?

The grant was presented to the Mohawk war chief for his services during the American Revolutionary War by George III. It consisted of 1,380 hectares (3,450 acres) on the lakeshore overlooking Lake Geneva (Hamilton Harbour), Lake Ontario and the Beach Strip. The tract of land became know as Brant's Block.

- courtesy of The Hamilton Spectator

November 2011

Yard Sale for The Cure

Nov, 30 2011 1:07 PM
Leslie Bullock

Every year for the past 5 years, we’ve hosted a yard Sale for the Cure, to benefit breast Cancer research. We raised $15,527 in one day!!! It’s grown from a small sale in my front lawn, as I emptied some of my own personal junk, to the most recent sale, which was held on 3 different sites around my home. It’s a massive amount of work, with a great return of dollars, which go directly to the Breast Cancer Foundation. The planning begins at least 6 months before the date (on the last Saturday of May).

What struck me this year, was the generous outpouring of community involvement. We’ve always had a core group of friends and neighbours, who have always helped out in whatever sort of fundraising any of us are involved in. However, this past year saw large change in the sort of volunteers who helped out. The Aldershot Lions club supplied us with their local talent. They’ve given us an invaluable amount of time in sorting, organizing and pricing all of the items as the donations rolled in. Their time and labour were invaluable during the set up on Friday night and during the sale itself on the Saturday. The Lions club is always about helping out their community and they certainly did their fair share during the yard sale.

Beyond the Lions club, we had absolute strangers calling us to ask if they can help out at the sale. From young to old, we had in excess of 50 individual people help us out! Everyone has their own reason for helping out. Several teenagers came in order to get their mandatory volunteer hours completed. Some college and university kids came out to assist us as part of their programs (ie. event planning and police services). One woman called because she is a volunteer at our local hospital and her volunteer hours were recently cut back. She simply wanted to do something more for her community. We had volunteers who had lost a friend or family member to this terrible disease and wanted to help raise money for a cure.

The caliber of product donated was also higher than we’ve seen in the past. We had lots of new merchandise donated, as well as lots of large furniture and household goods. All of this helped tremendously towards our goal. We even had several companies ‘sponsor’ the event. All in all, it made for a tremendous day. Burlington is rated as the third best city to live in, in Canada. However, in my eyes, Burlington is the best place in Canada to live in, due to its sense of community and giving. Thank you Burlington!



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