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The downtown area of Burlington was originally a land grant given to Joseph Brant by which king? How large was the grant?

The grant was presented to the Mohawk war chief for his services during the American Revolutionary War by George III. It consisted of 1,380 hectares (3,450 acres) on the lakeshore overlooking Lake Geneva (Hamilton Harbour), Lake Ontario and the Beach Strip. The tract of land became know as Brant's Block.

- courtesy of The Hamilton Spectator

March 2012

Do It Yourself

Mar, 8 2012 12:16 PM
Leslie Bullock

Here's Patsy Graham's (Leslie's assistant) latest project on her new house:

Things to consider when you opt out of hiring a painter
Approaching the FIFTH month of painting in our brand new "blended families" home. Construction started in February and I'm sitting here realizing there are probably still over 1000 nail holes I still need to fill in and sand. REMEMBER: All rough edges and trim MUST be sanded. Majority needs to be caulked.
EVERY surface needs to be painted, once with primer and possibly three coats of paint. When your hands are red and raw, and your back is so sore you can't stand straight reconsider the painter! ....and then there is the outside. HELP!

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  Aug 27, 2012 15:49PM

 Interesting that you felt to 'opt out' in hiring a professional painter, (hmmm, to save money perhaps?) but frown upon homeowners 'opting out' on hiring a realtor. 

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